Some Facts:


Municipalities across the U.S.

with a total population of 40 million people have combined sewer systems and massive Grey Infastructure.

During heavy rainfall events their grey infrastructure is overloaded and causes flooding, serious public health risks and massive environmental pollution.


The High Cost of Conventional Infrastructure

In 2010, New York City estimated that updating the city’s stormwater system to control combined sewer overflows using only gray infrastructure would cost the city $6.8 billion of capital investment. By blending gray and green strategies, the city reduced its estimated cost by $1.5 billion.

From Concept to Solution
Sustain A Blu started as concept in 2012 as other companies increasingly offered offered sponging elements (e.g. mineral wool) for roofs and/or Green Roofs to retain or detain pricipitantion. Today we know that these elements will remain problematic for buildings, vegetation, and the environment.

From Solution to System
Sustain A Blu was able to leave all problematic and unnecessary elements out of our systems and focuses on a variety of patented systems that manage stormwater at the point where it is collected.
This makes our systems the most efficient, controllable, reliable, affordable and sustainable. 


Rain Keeping Making Easy

SUSTAIN A BLU's mission is provide nature-based systems and components that restore living green environments, eliminate stormwater issues, promote bio diversity, and to foster hydrologic cycles within urban areas on structures.
Stormwater retention and stormwater detention at a glance.
Non-Proprietary ◦ Single-Source ◦ Full Warranty ◦ One-Stop


SUSTAIN A BLU Blue Roof System was recognized as one of the “Top 10 Most Sustainable Building Products of 2020” by BuildingGreen
"Using smart technology, Blue Roofs are 2x more efficient in managing stormwater in an urban environment.” 

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